Saturday, April 28, 2012


All Sons & Daughters came to my church for the second time this week and it was such a blessing. They are some of the most amazing people; humble people that just really love the Lord. This is my friend Layton that I co-lead with every week.

Still in love with my new lens. Took my first set of selfies with it indoors to see how it went. The clarity is stunning! I've also moved into my new place now. It's been amazing so far. There's a nice wooden them throughout and lots of light. Perfect!
- Danièle

this didn't turn out like i hoped it would, but i am not going to worry about it.
this week was so relaxing, i spent the second half of the week house sitting and the house had the most incredible view of the mountains. i watched the sunset every night i was there, it was fantastic.


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