Friday, March 30, 2012


this week was crazy. i shot this in breckenridge at a friends house, the stars were so beautiful! We went to my uncles restaurant in Vail and he served us a TEN COURSE MEAL! As if that wasn't a big enough treat, I got to come back to this view.

I cannot wait until next week is over and I have my major mid-semester assessments done. I've finally got a job now, so I'm hoping I can start saving up for my next lens. I've had my eye on a 50 1.4 for so long, it'll be the first thing I buy with my first few paychecks.

- Danièle

Went to the city this week for a JH & HS mission trip. They made sandwiches and gave blankets to the homeless and shared the love of Jesus. They are rock stars. In other news, I read the Hunger Games trilogy in six days and read "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green in six hours. I highly recommend both :)


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week 12

sometimes  all the time, i open my computer to look up something or just check my email and end up getting sucked into it for hours. I am trying to break the curse, but it's harder then i ever thought it would be.  lots up in the air this week. all for good hopefully.


A dress I'd bought months ago at a thrift store finally makes its appearance in my photos. It has adorable buttons and billowy material. See the full series on my blog.
I feel as though there aren't enough hours in the day for everything I want to do.

- Danièle

This past week really sucked. We had to put my dog down on Monday and I miss her tons. She was only 8 and we were expecting it because on week seven we found out she had a cancerous tumor growing on her skull. Blehhhh. Yeah, this sucks.

 My mind wanders like a cloud of cigarette smoke

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week Eleven

All the photography credit goes to Scott Visk. I just had the pleasure of editing these incredible photos.

I guess I kind of cheated this week but I've been wanting to use this photo for awhile...
God is doing some amazing things @ Harvest Bible Chapel Naperville. Back in February, some leaders from my church went down to Haiti for an exploratory trip. The church is going to be partnering with an orphanage/school/church in Haiti. We have this big NEXT Campaign going on right should check it out here!

This photo just tugs at my heart. The look in this boy's eyes is striking. The facts are true. Take a minute and read the type and just take that in. Incredible and heart wrenching.
-6 ounces of clean water
-67.6 ounces of drinking water
-1,484 ounces of clean water while bathing
-2,368 ounces of clean water flushing the toilet

i am getting really sick of self portraits, i feel like i lose so much creative control when i have to put the camera on a tripod. i i know i am learning a lot, but i guess i am just sick of editing pictures of myself.  i am still applying for schools and looking into more schools on the east coast now too, i am just looking forward to figuring all of this out and knowing where i am going to be.


This is Natalia. I've had the pleasure of working with her twice so far (and hopefully many more times in the future!) She's lovely and absolutely stunning. You can see the full series on my blog.

- Danièle

A selfie I took on my deck one warm afternoon this week. The weather has been amazing and I have a lot to look forward to right now. I am happy. 


 This is one of my friends, Morgan. My project will mostly be film now, which means that I might have to post two pictures a week in order to catch up, depending on how much time I have to pick up film that week. It's too stressful for me to shoot digital all the time because I don't like it that much.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week Ten

I cant imagine anything more vain than taking a picture of yourself. oh well, here's what i got for this week.

Matt Smith

I got two ski days in at Mary Jane this week and the snow was unreal.

This season has been so icy, so it was great have real snow to ski on.
It was just a pretty perfect weekend, such a blessing!
I actually shot and edited this on my phone, which is why the quality isn't the best.I have been really experimenting a lot with my phone this past week, lots of layering and blending.


Nothing special. Went to ISU this weekend for my brothers recital. He's an amazing musician and I am so proud of him. 


I'm tired... (read more)

- Danièle

The third and last snow of the season. Spring is coming, I can't believe winter is ending so soon. So much to look forward to.