Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week 12

sometimes  all the time, i open my computer to look up something or just check my email and end up getting sucked into it for hours. I am trying to break the curse, but it's harder then i ever thought it would be.  lots up in the air this week. all for good hopefully.


A dress I'd bought months ago at a thrift store finally makes its appearance in my photos. It has adorable buttons and billowy material. See the full series on my blog.
I feel as though there aren't enough hours in the day for everything I want to do.

- Danièle

This past week really sucked. We had to put my dog down on Monday and I miss her tons. She was only 8 and we were expecting it because on week seven we found out she had a cancerous tumor growing on her skull. Blehhhh. Yeah, this sucks.

 My mind wanders like a cloud of cigarette smoke

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