Sunday, April 1, 2012

Water: 14.52

i love this theme so much! i don't think there is anything i love more then being in the water. when i am in the water, it is such a great escape from reality. once you sink into the water, a whole new world opens up and you can just explore. this is a bit of an ode to a photo that chase took of her sister.


into the wilderness, novels, walking in the grass barefoot, walks on the trail, day dreaming, web design, blog posts, fresh flowers, mat kearney || spring break this week. working on blog/web design. stoked!


When I first saw the theme for this week, I was planning on doing a shoot in the rain. Turns out the weather held off for the week so I didn't get the chance to. Instead I opted for a variant of water: fog. We woke up super early and beat the sunrise to the model's house, shooting beside a small lake and catching the beautiful morning fog. You can see the full series on my blog.

- Danièle

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