Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week Four

This is my home wave at its best. I dream of mornings like this. Waking up at 7, grabbing coffee, and seeing this when i get to the beach is my favorite thing ever. This was Sunday morning and i had a sprained wrist. No surfing. Looking at this picture makes me smile at how perfect the wave is and cringe that i wasn't out there. I know, i put the wave in the dead center of the frame which generally is a no no in terms of composition but i really don't care. Its a perfect wave and why should I?

-Matt Smith


it's been a really long week. breakfast dates, class, materialism, birthday, surprises, snow storms, remote, worship, serving, weekend services, leading. i turned 19 on friday and it's about time. i'm starting to pick up my guitar again. & i got my remote! so this is my first self-portrait with my remote and i plan on doing a lot more. i guess i just chose this one because of all the bokeh. i love my 50 f/1.4!

till next week...

This wasn't the photo that I intended to use for this week...
I was still at home in Washington during the first half of the week and we had a huge snowstorm so I took advantage of that and took a selfie in the snow. It didn't turn out how I wanted it to so I decided to reshoot for this week, maybe I'll revisit it later. On tuesday, I flew down to California for my spring semester of university. Classes haven't started yet but I've been super busy catching up with people and getting ready for my sorority's recruitment. All of that on top of the crazy rain we've been getting lately is why you get this less than stellar photo today.

- Christie

I took a lot of pictures this week, not too many of myself though. I returned a christmas present and bought myself some studio lighting. It has been so fun to be able to play with and mess around with lighting in the comfort of my home. I am also getting excited about the rest of my life for some reason this week. This project has really reinvigorated my passion for photography. anyways, i hope everyone has a good week!


I have not been giving this project the effort it deserves, and I am making a promise to myself to change that. It snowed this week, I worked four nights (as usual), and my semester starts tomorrow. Everything is so transient. Tonight I drove home from the grocery store in thick fog and slushy rain. It was beautiful.


It rained today.

As much as I like this, I don't really think I'm challenging myself enough or going outside the box with my photographs lately. I want this project to consist a lot of my sister so I can practice, but I think I might try to actually get back into self portraits because those tend to test my abilities more. I don't know, I don't know... But it's 2012 I may as well make some significant effort.


Ever get that feeling when you just know that you met somebody for a reason?

- Danièle

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