Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week Five: Night

"Addiction" by Matt Smith

The most congested freeway in the USA is the 405 in Los Angeles. The road seems to always be at a stand still while driving. From the view of an over pass, however, this highway is moving at warpspeed. Skaters are, by nature, adrnaline junkies. I once heard a speech from the pop culture icon Dr. Drew, in which he stated that "extreme" athletes have a much higher chance of developing drug addiction. The desire for danger and risk in this photo proves this statement to me. The image was actually a fluke. The goal was to have my friend stand motionless, but by mistake, he thought I said that the photo was over, thereby liberating him of his rigidity obligations. Even though he was free to do as he pleased, he remained on the ledge, amping on the rush of cars beneath him.

this is my night photo due to the freezing cold weather and my lack of motivation to stand out in it to take my picture. School is killer right now but I am determined to press through and create some better work in the next few weeks. Taking it a day at a time and trying to enjoy this college craziness.


When this theme was suggested I knew exactly the kind of photo I'd shoot: Dark, abandoned, desolate. I had the perfect location in mind. It started raining as I headed downstairs to shoot. Although the photos look creepy, I felt so at ease in this park... I spent a part of my childhood living nearby. The sense of familiarity never leaves.

- Danièle

When we decided on the theme night, so many ideas rushed through my head. The one that I really couldn't shake was how much my idea of night has changed over the past year. Almost exactly a year ago I decided to follow my childhood dream and move to California, after about 5 months I developed pretty severe anxiety and began having panic attacks several times a day. After what was probably the most grueling month of my life, I decided it was in my best interest to move home and deal with this. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made and upon coming home, though my general anxiety weakened I began to panic almost every night at sunset. The beginning of the night terrified me, but I had, and still have no idea why. For months I had to be in a room with no natural light during the golden hour just to avoid the panic, I felt trapped inside of this illogical nightmare of my own mind. I am happily and slowly returning to life as I previously knew it, but I won't ever forget about the little bubble I lived in for so long.
To get this shot, I took the shot you see and overlaid it with a photo of the stars because they looked incredible last night. I also used a fog machine to create the glow.


I'm a sucker for long exposures & experimenting so this theme was really fun for me. I went shooting in a huge warehouse on Monday night and it was so nice to just explore in the quiet and dark of the night in this big, old warehouse. For this photo, I used a shot from the warehouse and another from doing long exposures with sparklers. Obviously, there are no sparklers in this photo because I just used the trees.

This week was ridiculously hard. Every night had me in emotional breakdown. I'm just exhausted. So many responsibilities and things to learn. But it was so nice to end the week with my mom coming home, water color painting, developing film and spending a bit of time on learning some new chords. Even though it was a rough week, I am abundantly blessed with so many people that pray for me, love me, encourage me. I made it through this week!
Can't believe next week is week 6...

Wow, sorry for this.

The theme for this week was night and I had a really cool photo planned but the weather didn't fully cooperate. Maybe I'll try again in the summer when the nights are warmer and less cloudy. I took this last minute on saturday night before going to an 80's themed roller skate night (which was awesome just in case you were wondering). I don't really like this photo as a whole but I do really like the shadows.

Saturday was the first day all week that I got to sleep in past 8:30am...
Hope you all had a more restful week than mine :)

- Christie

I know I'm posting this a bit late. I took this photo after work last Sunday. Standing under a streetlight in our driveway. Our neighborhood looks so sleepy and homey at night. January in Massachusetts and no snow. I love the nighttime and this photo was a challenge for me because I'm so used to shooting with natural light.

This week was my first full week of classes and I also worked five nights. Still rocking my waitressing uniform in this picture-- black pants, shoes, hair up.

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