Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week Three

This picture says a lot about me, primarily because of my hands. My boss once posted a picture of me and titled it Matt "Fingers" Smith. I've been known for having somewhat nervous hands due to previous high levels of anxiety. I find it very interseting that even while shooting photos at the beach (my favorite pastime and location) my fingers still assume an odd position. This photo symbolizes what i feel society demands of me, throw away forms of fun and embrace productivity. I cannot fathom ever giving up skating and surfing. I will always find time for them. One surboard was damaged in the making of this photo.
Matt "Fingers" Smith

This was taken in the bathroom of one of the buildings at my University. The lighting was coming straight from these big beautiful windows, and I knew I wanted to go there to take this picture as soon as I saw it. I feel like I could have done something more than just a simple portrait but I didn't want to freak anyone out who was coming into the bathroom. haha This first week of school has already brought on a lot of work and stress, so I am hoping to keep up the inspiration despite the lack of time I have to commit to this project.


The past week has been testing. I'm drained, both physically and emotionally. I've been trying to figure myself out... trying to find what I'm comfortable with and searching for what makes me happy. I realised I have to stop being so close-minded. I have to stop telling other people how to live their lives and actually live my own.

So don't let anything stop you from finding who you are. Find what makes you you, do what you love and do what you enjoy. Life's too short not to dance.

- Danièle

This was mostly a shoot that I did with a model, one of my closest friends from high school, but I wanted to take some selfies too so that I could use it for this project. This week has been rather odd and lonely. Most of my friends have gone back to university so I was stuck at home for an extra week with almost no one to hang out with. It was weird. Luckily, I'll be heading back to uni myself in a few days so I probably won't know what to do with my life because there will be so many people to see :)

- Christie

I've been in my head a lot this week. It was kind of blocking up my creative juices, but driving home today I saw these clouds. The sky is one of my favorite parts about living in Colorado, it is so beautiful everyday. I ran inside grabbed my camera and headed up to the roof. I am so thankful for this project and group, the accountability and camaraderie  it has already provided is incredible, I feel blessed to be a part of it.
Thanks guys!


I had a really really hard time deciding what to choose for this week...did a lot of shooting. So...yesterday I got a 50mm f/1.4 and just about died. Early birthday present! It is magnificent. I really wanted to do a self-portrait or portraits of someone this week but instead went for a very long walk in the woods and listen to the frozen [but still flowing] creek for awhile. It was so peaceful. My birthday is on Friday so that should be fun. Hoping to do a self-portrait next week. All of you are wonderful and your work is inspiring.


My friend and housemate Alex posed for me today. My photography has been pulling me into the woods more and more lately and I love that. This week has been long, but in a good way. The beginning stages of transformation.  Everything is so transient.


I'm a procrastinator and I get incredibly lazy too often... I have to get over that or else I'll always post late and settle for night shots. Blah.

Anyway, this is my photo for week three, which was supposed to be last week. I'll have a photo for week four (this week) up tomorrow or tuesday hopefully.

Second semester started this week, I got my final grades back, I started a new class, and I'm basically back into the swing of school again. How great.


  1. Loove this proyect! congratulations!!
    If you like photography, would you tell me what you think about mine??
    Thanks! Sophie