Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week Two

Tomorrow I start college back up again, and I'm nervous and excited all at once. Hoping this semester opens doors and challenges me and teaches me a lot. I am finally taking classes that pertain to my major and I cannot wait to dive into it all. This was the last picture I took in Texas before I came home this week to Nebraska. I love Texas sunsets.


We had a good sized swell this week with waves approaching 20 feet in some areas. This photo was shot just as the waves were starting to fill in. I love the Venice Pier and spend a large portion of my free time on this structure. There are no stores, bathrooms, or restaurants; just fisherman, lovebirds, and locals. Its simplicity makes it beautiful. I cant remember the settings exactly but the shutter was set somewhere around 1/6 of a second to capture the waves.

Matthew Smith

This first week of the new year has been a strange one for me. When my family and I returned from vacation, most of my friends had already gone back to colleges while I still have a couple more weeks off. It feels very weird to be in my home town without all of my friends from high school here with me. It's basically just me and one of my best friends here so we plan on spending a boatload of time together this coming week. Hopefully we'll get to do a photoshoot together :)

- Christie

What is this picture of, you ask? It's a hand of worship, helping, healing, & justice. 45,000 students gathered for the cause of Christ to bring freedom to the 27 million trapped in slavery. We raised 3.6 million for human trafficking, Obama declared January anti-human trafficking month, & Goggle recently donated $11.6 million. CNN did a story on this. Go watch the video here. So unfortunately, The Georgia Dome was not allowing DSLR's for the Passion conference. So this instagram photo will have to suffice. To see more photos from my trip & keep updated, you can follow me on instagram here. Among several other things, God revealed to me that if I was going to travel the earth for my own enjoyment, I might as well spread the Gospel while doing that. So, I'm just following after Him and right now I am going to finish up my certificate, go to Moody and get a biblical certificate and start doing missions. God knows if I'll do it all my life or just for awhile. Maybe I will use my photography to bring light into the darkness. Travel the world and bring all this darkness out into the light: show people how ugly this world really is. I'll be going to Haiti in May [God willing], maybe Dominican Republic in June...I don't really know where He's going to place me.

I'll be doing some longer blogging every week. If you'd like to check that out with every photo, go to my Flickr.


Alright, so I've decided that my 52 week project isn't going to be self portraits but rather mostly of my sister. I never take enough photos of her and she's actually fantastic to take photos of so that's my plan. Hope everyone's New Year is going well so far.


This morning my brother left for 6 months in Spain, knowing he was leaving I went out early this week to shoot. I was on a walk with a friend when we stumbled across this lake and she said she was going to try walking on it. I am generally a pretty cautious person, to the extent of one of my new years resolutions being "be more reckless", so it took me about five minutes of her walking around before I went on the ice with her. After running onto the ice with her, we spent all of golden hour on the ice and my camera never really my hand. 

Not quite sure what to say here. Bunny is named Nuvula and she is really sweet. She belongs to someone I live with and this morning before work I was shooting these and some of my housemates filtered through the dining room (literally the only wall in the house that gets good sun!) and we were all laughing about me posing topless with the bunny. I also took some selfies with a cat we've been house sitting named Pizza (maybe some of those will end up on my Flickr or Tumblr over the next week or so). Full moon tonight! 


I was apprehensive about posting this photo, partly because I'm not wearing much and partly because it was only the first shot of the 40 or so that I took that day. I guess sometimes when a shot feels right there's no point looking elsewhere. 

- Danièle

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