Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week Six

This one is called "Last One Out."
I went down to San Diego on thursday to meet up with this beautiful girl. Naturally, I had to drive down early for my morning surf. The swell direction looked good for south Orange County so I made San Clemente my first stop. T-street, to the north, appeared to have great waves but there were also 50 people out. Trestles, to the south, looked good as well but had even more people on it. State Beach was not really that great but nobody was surfing so I paddled out there. Surfing, in my opinion, is always best alone. There are a limited number of waves per hour and the rush is hard to share. Sometimes its nice to surf some waves with one or two friends but when the waves are good, I hate people. This shot was taken at the Oceanside Pier right at sunset. The black blob is not a bird, as one of my parents thought, but a surfer enjoying session under a fiery sky all by himself. This is absolute perfection in my opinion.

Matt Smith

This was the first week where I didn't want to take a photo. I had no time, no energy, no inspiration, and no motivation to take a selfie this week. I was seriously considering quitting this project. But I know I'm not a quitter and I know that because this project is challenging me and pushing me, I'll grow more as an artist and that alone is reason enough to continue.

- Christie

I guess I kind of cheated this week. This photo was actually taken in August but I developed the film this week. Another rough's really hard having my mom gone. There's something wrong with my dog and the vet doesn't know what it is so she has to go to the animal hospital. I'm a major dog lover and my dog is only 8 so it's just rough. I couldn't imagine not having a dog. Also, 3 hour classes are unbearable.

Still trying to figure out & make my decision about Haiti...


 It snowed 16 inches on friday, I took this while it was snowing and wanted to do something with the actual snow still on the ground but I never got around to it. I may try tomorrow to build something really cool. As much as I love the snow though, I would much rather be enjoying Matt's view. Nothing else too exciting this week, but I am determined to really explore this week! I also made a cinemagraph (it's nothing perfect, but it is pretty cool) you can see it here.


 I really can't believe it's already been over a month into 2012. Wowza.

Anyway, here's a photo of Anna that I took yesterday.

I had the greatest time with Anna and her friends Chris and Jonathan and Sean and Alden yesterday. I got down to her house around 4pm, then we drove over to Chris and Jonathan’s house and took some photos (I have some film to develop that'll be up soon) and sat on their porch and talked and laughed and listened to them play fantastic music as they practiced for a show that night. Then we drove over to a small cafe and saw them and other people perform to celebrate the release of the CD of a friend of theirs. Then I left and drove the long, hour and a half ride home while Fleetwood Mac played in my car. What a great day. I can’t wait to get the film back and I can’t wait to visit them again.


This is Laurence. He was kind enough to let me take photos of him, despite being completely camera-shy. Also, a shout out to April and Ellen for helping me carry my stuff. 

I'm heading back to Canberra on Friday. I don't know what's going to happen but I'm hoping for the best. Everything will fall into place.

- Danièle

My beautiful housemate and friend Elana and I explored a magical field I found by our house.


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