Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week Nine

This is called a backside air.

matt smith

Business planning, spreadsheets, logo design, web/blog design. Extremely motivated & inspired. This is actually happening.


It's back to classes this week, with Soundwave coming up on Friday. I feel oddly restless.


this week kind of sucked.
so does this picture. i had one that i liked a bit more, but i didn't feel like it was honest with my current state of mind.


35mm film. From a hike Alex and I went on, following a trail behind our house. This photograph makes me think about change and roots and beginnings. 


 Another photo from the day I met up with Anna and her boyfriend Chris and their friends. They live such a beautiful and fun life that I'm so jealous of. I'm hoping to go visit them again soon!

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